Knitting Needle Case Tutorial

For someone that doesn't knit, making a knitting needle case seems a bit strange, but I do know a woman who does, and so this is for her.

Ooh, this fabric looks very familiar!

I wanted it to have varying sized compartments and be able to be folded or tied to suit.

Keep your needles in their packets or loose in this case

To make your own, you need two pieces of fabric the same size (if you have knitting needles) measure accordingly, and base your size on that. These are the outer fabric and inner fabric. Then a medium strip the same width as the main fabric and one other piece that will fit up to the half way mark of the case.
Fabric pieces

Fold the smallest piece in half wrong sides together {at the green line} and press with an iron. Tack it to the top of your inner fabric {all the raw edges - 3 sides} so that the fold is at the bottom and once sewn will create a flap.

Fold over and press the top few centimetres of the medium fabric and carefully sew across this fold.

Put the medium fabric on top of the inner fabric as it will finally show. If you want to embellish this piece with ribbon, buttons etc, now is the time to do it! Mark the middle point and sew vertically the length of this piece of fabric, sewing the two fabrics together}. From this point, mark your compartments and sew these too. Don't make them too tiny!

Now you can place the outer fabric right sides together with the three sewn fabrics. Pin and sew round leaving a gap large enough to turn the right way round. If you start at the side below midpoint, you can insert the ribbon tie afterwards.

Clip the corners and turn right way round and press. Press the raw edges of the gap, insert some ribbon or cord as a tie and carefully machine sew the gap.

I added in a little flap at the top so the needles wouldn't slide out the end.
You can see the compartment sizes here. I worked out from the middle measuring an inch or two each time- you can vary the sizes to suit, and you may wish to incorporate an area for circular needles.

I found this tutorial really helpful.

Love Mrs Jones x


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