Fresh Sewing Day

I am linking up today to Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts. I really have failed on the sewing front this month, with only four completed projects.

The Alma Wiggle Skirt was a nightmare from start to finish - I really might as well have had my seam ripper in my hand the whole time (!), although I am finally happy with it.
Lily's Quilts
Alma Wiggle Skirt lampshade Le Challenge Quilt II 
The lampshade kit tryout was a success, and something that I will have another go at. Then was my fabric collage for the Wings Le Challenge theme and the completion of my quilt for my eldest son Albert. 
I am hoping that June will be a bit more productive - this morning I have cut my fabric for a wrap dress {details to follow}.
Love Mrs Jones x


  1. All lovely finishes, I quite fancy having a go at one of the lampshade kits too :-)

  2. I like your son's quilt!

  3. Great makes. I'd like to try a lampshade kit too!

  4. I love your Le Challenge make! I really want to have a try at a lampshade!!!

  5. I love the colours of Alberts quilt. I am racing the clock to finish my eldest son's quilt in time for his Birthday on Tuesday! Have a great June!

  6. What a cool lampshade! I want to make one. Now, I just need a lamp...

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments - the lampshade kit is brilliant!


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