Planting Vegetables

It has been such a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, so we have spent most of our time in the garden: playing table tennis, bouncing on the trampoline, painting the fence..and planting veggies. I have had a little success in the past growing peas in a pot and tomatoes, but I thought I would go a bit further this time, because next year I want to have a go at having a real vegetable patch!

Peas at the rear, lettuce at the front.

I have cheated a littlle as I have bought seedlings from my local garden centre. They aren't much different in price from a packet of seeds.

This is what I have planted:

Peas Greenshaft : an early variety. I need to thin mine out in a few weeks and pop in some twig supports.

Lambs Lettuce: produces a rosette of leaves. I am a little confused about this one as I have since read that this is not recommended for summer, so it will be suck it and see for this. I will probably use it as a cut and come again crop, picking whilst still young.

Tomato Marmande: this is one of those rustic French tomato varieties that you can purchase with ease on the continent, full of meaty flavour. I have two of these in pots.

Courgette Jemmer F1: this is a golden yellow variety of courgette. God, I love courgettes.

Chilli Cayenne: (in the black pot) and at the insistence of Albert, my eldest son in the hope that in the autumn we can have a chilli fest!

and around the garden...

The buds are just beginning to open on my rose (can't remember the variety, but it is a scented climber).

One of my clematis has finished flowering and produces these bizarre tufty seedheads. 

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Looks like you are going to have a lovely feast when they have grown. Its raining now!
    Julie xxxxxx


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