I bought a lampshade kit from Amazon some time ago and I have been waiting for the right moment to have a go at it. I was surprised how easy it is {especially when Mr Jones is helping}.

You cut your fabric to the size stated on the box, place the sticky backed plastic on the back of the fabric, carefully smoothing any wrinkles as you go. You snap off the marked edges, then you apply double sided tape to each of the rings and roll the whole thing carefully up. The kit comes with a handy little gadget for you to poke the ends of the fabric under the rings.

Ta dah! It looks kind of funky on this old lamp base.
It is surprising how wide your fabric needs to be for such a small lamp {I went for a 20cm kit - clickable link to right} -it used over 60cm, so using fat quarters is out of the question.

I know you can use card or fabric for your lamp, but I imagine fabric is a lot more forgiving - I can't imagine smoothing wrinkles easily out of card.

Cheeky little product shot of the matching cushion for sale!

The fabric I used is a cotton duck by Ashley Wilde, and I didn't tuck the short fabric end, though this is something I think you would need to do if using something thinner.

Suddenly, I feel a whole new area of possibilities have opened up to me, and I will definitely be making another one soon.

Have you had success with making your own lampshades? I would love to hear about it.

Love Mrs Jones x

PS. If you are interested in the cushion {used only for this photo} please see here.


  1. I really want to make some lampshades. I'll have to look on Amazon. I love the fabric you chose.


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