Fred has his year 6 SATs next week. We have already had tears about them. It annoys me so much that they have to do them at this age - I am sure that a teacher's assessment of a child's ability is a much more accurate gauge than the SATs.

For anyone who is trying to do some last minute revision, or has SATs to look forward to next year, here are some things that have been helpful:

BBC Bitesize KS2 - which is available for English Maths and Science. Some really good revision games some of which are based around TV shows.

Woodlands School, Kent - This school has an amazing range of revision help as well as past papers.

CGP Revision books - these are readily available via Amazon or WHSmith, although the school may sell them at a discounted price. These are really well written. Also on their website are some tests and games which are free to use.

St Josephs School, Pickering - This school has loads of past papers from different years available free.

As parents, we have been told to give them big breakfasts and lots of tlc next week.

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  1. I'm so glad all that's over now. My kids are 19-12 so moving on but all that pressure to do well on such young kids is BAD (i did swear but this isn't my blog so i took it out). You know its gotta be bad when the school tells parents to give their kids tlc. I hate it, it's not fair and I don't know any one educated or educator who thinks it to be of any practical use. Good Luck.

    1. Thanks so much for your reply - love the fact you swore, and took it out. I don't mind at all! I am pleased that he has nearly finished Primary, although my eldest will be doing GCSEs next year,

  2. My cousin was so stressed about her SATs it seems so mean to put so much pressure on the kids when it's a test on the school not on the individual children. It's completely to do with league tables and in my opinion should be done with no revision at all as that's the only way to properly assess how they are being taught.

    Best of luck with your eldest with their GCSEs next year.

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