Sewn: Alma Wiggle Skirt Pattern Review

I found the amazing Eliza M Vintage's patterns at Jaycotts. So many vintage style patterns to choose from! You buy the pattern to suit your size {although I believe you can now buy multisize versions}. 

Image from Eliza M Vintage site

Pattern: Alma Wiggle Skirt from Eliza M Vintage

Size made: 10 {I am an 8 on the hips, a 10 at the waist{caused by two big babies}}

Fabric used: Medium weight wool mix {92% wool/ 8% polyamide} slate grey fabric {not far off school uniform colour}. I also used some gingham bias binding and some light cotton material.
A dart -  to show the fabric colour

Does it look like the cover photo? Yes, although I imagined it would be literally figure hugging. I think if my side seams were bigger, it might look more like the photo.
Apologies for the terrible quality - when home alone, I am reduced to photographing myself in dusty mirrors!

The zip isn't fully extended, but there is an obvious misalignment.
  • Darts : As I don't have much dressmaking experience, I think this was more me being a dunce than the instructions! I sewed the darts on the front of the fabric, so at the first step, the seam ripper was out
  • The waistband piece wasn't long enough - maybe my side seams were too narrow, but it was about 10cm short.
  • I sewed one side of the zip correctly and the other side the wrong way round! So, that had to be unpicked too! 
  • Hem: I think my fabric was too thick for this, especially around the pleat.
  • The final sewing of the waistband and replacement of the zip, led to a misalignment. By this point I had already stitched the waistband twice. I am not going to correct it as most of the time, my blouse will spill over the top anyway, and I can alway add in this belt.
Love this waist cinching belt!

Alterations: After sewing the waistband as instucted, I decided it looked too bulky {two layers of wool and interfacing}, so cut it again, halving the pattern piece so it was much thinner. I cut the same size out of some cotton and used this as the waistband {with the cotton as the lining for the waistband). I also added in a little bias binding piping where the waistband meets the skirt in a lovely blue gingham - again reminiscent of school..

Could you follow the instructions? If I am honest, I found it quite difficult to sew following the instructions alone. I am not very experienced at dressmaking, and had to have my Sewing Machine Basics book {see right} with me to work out what I was doing. I am sure it was me, rather than the instructions, although I have made notes for next time!

What do you like/dislike about the finished garment? Totally loving the pleat at the back!

This is a little blurred, but I like the fact my waist looks small in this photo!
Love Mrs Jones x


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