Sewing & Quilting Apps for Android

Ever wanted an app for calculating how much binding you will need for a quilt, or what kind of fabric is best for a pair of trousers. Please feel free to recommend any apps that you use and I will add them to the list.

Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator - FREE
Will calculate binding, borders, the number of pieces from a set piece of fabric etc.

Quick and Easy Quilt Block Tool - £2.49
102 quilt blocks in different sizes which features construction instructions. Future  updates will include more quilt blocks. I think this would be a great app for beginners.

Fabric U £1.28
A comprehensive list and description of different fabrics and helps to identify the correct type of fabric for various clothing etc.

 Quilt Stash Library - £0.63
A catalogue App where you can photograph your fabrics and keep a record of how much of each fabric you have. When you shop for more fabric {my favourite kind of shopping!}, you can check what you have before you buy more!

Etsy - Free
Keep an eye on your Etsy shop or browse all the handmade goodies on offer.

PatternFile Mobile - Free but you have to pay for a subscription!
I love the idea that you can store details of all your sewing patterns on this app, so you don't need to remember things from the back of the envelope when you go shopping. However, at present, this doesn't have great reviews. Might be one to come back to in the future

Love Mrs Jones x


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