Quilt No 2 Layout

I was so eager for the fabric to arrive for Albert's Quilt, that I began cutting the pieces out the day they arrived! Rather than squares, this time I am doing longer strips in a staggered brickwork pattern. This has worked out well so there is no fabric wastage. Each strip is 11cm wide and 23.5cm long, and is a pleasure to cut out with scissors, as opposed to the laborious cutting of squares! I have also added in some half strips in order to create the staggered look.

The last quilt I made was in a set pattern {each of the same fabric moving one space along each row creating a diagonal pattern}. But I really wanted it to look random, which is harder than you think!
Quilt layout - sewing not yet begun...

I am really hoping that this will be a dream to sew! For details on my fabric choices, please see this link.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Ooh that looks very exciting :) Do you find if you are trying to go for random, you instinctively still end up creating patterns? :)

  2. Yes! I think it is because the desired result is randomly even, if that makes sense!

  3. Looks very smart. Love the colours, lovely for a young lad. You have inspired me for making a quilt for my grandson.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Aww, Julie, I would love to see your quilt when you have finished it!


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