Football Season

You have no idea how much I am glad that the football season {that is, the season for my boys's teams} is almost over. Albert's team got to the finals yesterday and Fred has one more match to play. When one boy plays on a Saturday morning and the other on a Sunday afternoon, you can see that there isn't a lot of weekend left as a family. 

Mr Jones, who manages Fred's team is welcoming a rest, but Fred is hugely disappointed that he won't play until July/August. I love that they love football so much.

At the beginning, I relished these snatched moments of being alone so that I could sew or blog, but what I really want to do next weekend is go somewhere as a family - maybe mountain biking or swimming.

I really don't find any football interesting, apart from maybe the World Cup, but I have agreed to go to a women's football match in August...

Love Mrs Jones x


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