Scrap Easter Eggs - quick tutorial

A while ago, I made a couple of soft decorative Easter eggs. I wasn't hugely enamoured with the way they turned out, but I am going to post the tutorial anyway! 

What you need:
Scraps of fabric
Ribbon, ricrac or other trim
Buttons, sequins if required
Toy stuffing or some wadding

How to:

1. Find an egg shaped template, online or make your own approximation like I have by using a salad server, drawing round it on some scrap cardboard to make a template. You will need to do a bit of freehand drawing as well. Don't make it too small and fiddly.
2.Cut the egg shape out.
3. Iron your scrap pieces that you will use and gather them together in colour groups that will work well together. I chose to have two pieces of fabric for each egg, but you could use more.

4. Roughly cut two pieces of fabric, so that the cardboard egg template will fit on them.  Initially, I left mine as two rectangles  Place right sides of the fabric together and sew across. Press open the seam with an iron.
5. This is what your fabric should look like{on the wrong side} before shaping to the template. Draw around the egg template with a pencil or tailors chalk and cut the fabric leaving a seam allowance of 1/2cm. Do steps 3 to 5 again so you end up with two egg pieces - it is up to you whether you want them the same back and front or different.
6. If using, place the ribbon or ricrac aross the join and stitch. Place the two fabric pieces right sides together, pin and sew, leaving a gap for turning. Trim the seams and turn the right way round. Stuff, using a knitting needle or pencil to get it right to the end. By hand, sew up the gap.

Happy Easter!
Love Mrs Jones x


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