Coughs and Sneezes

Both my children have nasty coughs and colds at the moment, and my husband, who is somewhere in Iceland at the time of writing, also has one. I don't know how I have escaped this time. 

Well, I was a little bored, and had an urge to sew, so I made this tissue cover. It was a little pointless, as my tissues are a bit too small. But, it is prettier than a supermarket brand tissue box. I have never applied bias binding to anything before {bunting doesn't really count}, and I have a pattern to make a top with contrasting binding, so it was a useful precursor to that.
I have also never made anything with these boxy corners before. They were a bit tricky to work out what was going on, but after some bad language and a lot of undoing with my seam ripper, it finally clicked! I have wanted to make one of those wash bags which involves this corner thing, so that might be my next make.
Meanwhile, my youngest is snuggled up with this quilt on the sofa with some tissues which are not from my pointless tissue cover!

Love Mrs Jones x

Fabric is Soleil in yellow by Annette Tatum from Dotty Dolly.



  1. Very pretty indeed. Hope all the cold-sufferers feel better soon!


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