Midnight Tango

On Saturday, I travelled up to London to watch the magnificent Flavia & Vincent {of Strictly} fame in Midnight Tango. The dancers were amazing to watch, and of course Flavia & Vincent are outstanding. I could watch it all over again. It is set in a bar in Buenos Aires and the owners of the bar provide lots of comedic moments - you just don't know where to look next - there is so much going on. Sorry that I have no photos - it was not allowed in the theatre.

We also had a great lunch at PJs in Wellington Street, near Covent Garden: lemon sole with potato rosti and spinach followed by sticky toffee pudding in a warm toffee sauce, and with a complimentary glass of prosecco.

Midnight Tango is on for another month at the Phoenix Theatre in London and then tours the UK.

I found a couple of great apps for travelling in London, and will mean you not constantly rummaging in your handbag for the tube map; the first is the London Underground which is a free app for android {not sure about apple} :

and the other is a paid app, but is London A-Z. You can buy different versions, depending on whether you need the full A-Z or just Visitors London. The Visitors London costs £1.49 whereas the full version is a little under £5.00

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Oooh I love finding out about new apps, these ones sound really useful, thansk for sharing :)


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