When I tell people what I do {working in a "real" job/ having a small business/blogging} I am asked where I find the time. I don't really know the answer, because my children are loved and fed and I still do have time to do housework and watch TV and sew something now and again. The root of the answer is that I love sewing , and general crafts, and I also love blogging and so I find time for it. 

My routine is trying to blog every day but Sunday. I don't always succeed, but this is my aim. I plan my blogging by writing a rough schedule which spans a month and a half on a continuous basis. Obviously, it doesn't always work out this way, and I do a lot of switching things around, and sometimes I abandon a post altogether. I start by putting any events in especially if I am planning to make something to do with this, for example, the school were having a book related cake competition. I had planned to make some cakes and blog about them, and then it snowed!

As I have a day off "real" work on Wednesdays, I try to do the majority of my making on a Wednesday, and I also schedule in at least a couple of posts so I'm not too stretched for the rest of the week. I try to mix my schedule up so there aren't too many similar posts in the same week, for example, the first few days of February are planned as: sewing fabric hearts, popping candy cakes, watching Midnight Tango and February Lust List. 

The popularity of certain blog posts is something I am thinking about at the moment. Tutorials and recipes seem to get the most views and comments, but it isn't achieveable for me to concentrate solely on those. I would like my little blog to grow a little more.

Do you want to ask me any questions about what I do, blogging or anything at all? Here is your chance, and I will have a little question and answer post at some point in February.

Love Mrs Jones x


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