Sewn: The Pyjama Tutorial

I have had my eye on making some pyjama bottoms for a while, and I have spent a lot of time looking at sweet flannel fabric to make them for my boys. However, they have {very rudely} flatly refused to have some made for them, and so I thought I would make them for myself! I have to say that this isn't an original tutorial as there are many out there, but this is how I did it.

What you need:
2m of fabric {for an adult -adjust for a child}: cotton or flannel
Existing PJ bottoms or similar, eg. tracksuit trouser
1.5m twill tape, ribbon or pyjama cord

Estimated time: 1 hour

1. Fold your fabric lengthwise so that you have two folds as shown - there will be four layers of fabric {it doesn't matter whether you have it pattern side up or not}.

2. Turn your existing trousers inside out and fold in half so you have the shape of one leg. Lay it out so the straight edge is on the fold, as follows:

3. Use some tailors chalk to draw around this shape leaving a seam allowance and extra at the top and bottom for hemming and the channel for the drawstring. Then cut {this is always the worst bit for me}. You will end up with two pieces of fabric that look like this:
4. Place the pieces right side together and pin the inverted curves (the crotch), then sew these. Make sure you backstitch the ends as you don't want this coming apart. Use a zigzag stitch to finish your raw edges, or use an overlocker. When you have sewn both curves, reposition the fabric so that the curves become the centre point of the fabric:
5. Still, right sides together, pin and then sew the inside leg from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. Sew both inside legs. Again, use a zigzag stitch to finish off the raw edges. At this point, you may wish to try them on to get an idea whether they are too baggy and also how much to turn down for the drawstring channel.

6. Iron the trousers and turn down the fabric twice (once to enclose the raw edge and secondly for the cord channel) along the waist twice to create a channel. Ensure you leave enough room for the twill tape to pass through smoothly. Iron and pin the fold. 

7. Sew along the bottom of the waist band you have created.
8. Turn the trousers the right way round and using a seam ripper, make a neat vertical rip in the vertical seam stitches in the waistband. Attach a safety pin to the tape and feed it through the channel. Then double the end of the tape over and sew to prevent fraying or knot if using pyjama cord. Repeat for the other end. 

9. Your final job is to hem the trousers. Do try them on to get the hem right. Fold and pin the hem and you can either machine or hand stitch. Iron thoroughly and snip off any excess threads.

Hey presto! One pair of PJ bottoms. Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions.
Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Those look great and so cozy. Lovely fabric choice to. Happy new year to you, dee x


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