Thank you notes

It's that time of year where we all should have or should be writing our thank you notes for gifts received. I once had a Great Aunt who proclaimed that if she did not receive a thank you note then she would stop buying gifts for us.You can see where she's coming from. Although I do appreciate a nice little note, I am just as happy receiving a text or email.

Well, I do have to write notes, not only for Christmas, but also for my 40th birthday presents {just before Christmas}. I wanted to create something beautiful but not too much like any other cards:

I am really pleased with the shape, which was created by drawing around a die cut piece onto a card blank, and cutting off the excess. I cut a piece of vellum the same shape and used a glue stick to place it on the card. I made a little black ribbon bow which is attached with a sticky glue dot. 

Although I prefer the black card, I also like the white on white effect of the white card.

Must get going, I still have to write them!

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. These are lovely, very elegant, they would make lovely wedding stationery too!


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