Patchwork Quilt Progress

Following on from Wednesday's post, it took two sittings to finish the quilt top. I cut seven fat quarters into 6.5" squares with a pair of scissors. A very laborious task, and one that I wouldn't wish to repeat in a while at least! This resulted in nine squares from each FQ.

I wanted to stick to a pattern that I could easily follow (see above) for my first quilt, so once I had planned it out on the floor, I arranged the squares in ordered stacks, and I knew that once I got to two squares of the same fabric that it was time to start a new row.

The sewing was easy: seven squares wide and nine long, and you make quick progress sewing a row at a time and joining it to the previous. I knew my hand cutting wasn't going to be super accurate, but tried to maintain accuracy on the sewing, lining the edge of the foot up with the edge of the fabric. There are a couple of places which don't square up exactly, but it isn't too obvious!
I have chosen a light teal colour (matching the light teal in the patchwork uncannily well) for the backing and have bought the batting today, ready for the next stage. I have toyed with whether or not to bind it, but I have decided not to.

Love Mrs Jones x

PS. You can see the finished quilt here.


  1. I love the colours. I think a teal backing will set it off beautifully.

    Still plucking up the courage to start my first quilt. It will be this year.

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