Book Review: Sew What You Love

Sew What You Love by Tanya Whelan, designer of all those wonderful prints has written a book that I have fallen in love with! I rarely go out and purchase a sewing book, preferring to borrow from the library, but I couldn't help myself - {seduced by the yellow tree print fabric bag, for starters}.
The book has sections for bags(from Tote to Clutch, children (cot quilts to travel draughts), home (the apple pie ottoman sounds fascinating) and a dressmaking section. If I had the fabric with me, I would already have russled some garment up from this book. The Saturday Gathered Skirt is going to be my first make from this book and I will report back how it goes!
I love Tanya Whelan's sense of calm, she quotes "Nobody will see that tiny bump at the bottom of your bag...some things are not worth fixing". I have needed this advice a few times when I have been overly fussy about the finish of something! 

Apart from the content, which I have already gushed about, another great thing about this book is that all the patterns are neatly stashed away in their own folder at the bag. Too many other books just place patterns loosely, asking to be mislaid.

Love Mrs Jones x


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