A tidy sewing box equals a tidy mind...

I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful wooden sewing box for Christmas from my Mum. I will no longer have to scrabble about for a bobbin or box of pins and everything has its place.

There is no room for my ever increasing stash of fabric though, and although they are neatly ironed and folded, I will need to devise some proper storage for this too. It has been about a year since I was given my sewing machine, and I really have learnt so much in 2012. 

This year, I am going to attempt some larger projects, and of course, I will blog my progress! I would love to hear about how you store or organise your sewing essentials, especially what you do with your fabric.

Love Mrs Jones x
If you are interested, you can purchase this box here :Victorian Style Wooden Sewing Box


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