Oh my goodness, I haven't blogged much in the last part of November, but what I have been doing is writing Christmas cards, doing craft fairs, buying Christmas presents, organising muself a 40th birthday party and so on. I really just wanted to get ahead on all the Christmas things that I could do ahead of time so that December isn't the ridiculous rush that it usually is!

However, I have lots of posts planned for December including a Yule log upgrade from last year, and tomorrow I have a great tutorial on a Holly hair comb.

But to get you in the Christmas mood and for those who haven't got an advent calendar yet, I thought I would share this great blank advent calendar tutorial from The Small Object, for you to customise.

Mrs Jones x


  1. I've not had much time to blog either, there's so much to do! Thanks for sharing the advent calendar tutorial, it looks fab!


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