Origami Bat

This is a great thing to make with your children in the half term for Halloween. You don't need any special paper, just a square, and if it is plain paper your children can decorate their bats too. The instructions for this have come from a leaflet inside a box of  tabletop origami from Sainsburys which is not credited.
1. Start with your piece of paper, patterned side down and fold in half as shown.

 2. Fold in half again and then open back up to your original triangle.
3. Take the bottom right corner to the top point and fold. Do the same for the left.
4. Fold the top of the new flaps down in half on both sides.
5. Fold down the newly folded edge to the edge of  the square.
6. Turn the whole thing over and fold the top half over the bottom.
7. Fold the top triangle up, about a third so you have a point sticking upwards, and fold the very tip behind the paper. Fold the side edges into the the middle fold.

8. Then turn it over and by pinching and pulling the bottom corners out you will have your bat. You may need to neaten your creases so that it looks more bat like, and ghoulish children may want to add some bloody fangs!

If you have any problems making this, please contact me.

Love Mrs Jones x


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