Book Review: Sew! by Cath Kidston

Everyone, or at least every woman, is familiar with Cath Kidston and her range of fabrics and home goods with that uniquely Cath K vintage, slightly chintzy look. In this book, which you can get in regular or pocket size, her projects reflect this style. For example, they include a patchwork knitting bag, or a cute boy's duffel bag. She also includes the instructions for at least one of bags which she sells in her shop (the inside out tote). 

A real plus for this book is that all the materials for the shoulder bag project are included with the book, so as long as you have a sewing machine to hand, you are ready to try one of the projects when you get the book home.

I have marked out a couple of projects to try (which I will post about and link back): the hot water bottle cover and the jewellery roll, both of which would make good presents.

If you have pre school children, or even grandchildren, you will get a lot out of this book as there are lots of projects for kids things: quilts, mobiles, kid's aprons and a sit on beanbag. 

At £16, I think that this is a really good purchase, particularly due to the material included. However, at Amazon you can buy it for around £11 which is even better! Even though Cath Kidston has plenty of details on how to sew a hem and how to use fastenings, this is not what I would consider a book for total beginners.

Love Mrs Jones x


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