Thirty Minute Make: Felt rose

I have seen many of these sweet felt roses on blogs, in shops etc and  I wanted to have a go at one. This is how you start - a felt circle with a rough scalloped edge.

Then cut a spiral shape as shown above (but a bit neater!). Then start rolling until all you are left with is the circle flap, which you can then either stitch or glue under as a base for the flower.

Personally, I prefer to cut the circular flap off because I thought it would look better with some green felt sepals. I cut a four point star for the sepals and used fabric glue to stick it on.

I will show you what I did with this little red flower later in the week.

Love Mrs Jones x

PS. Apologies for the quality of my photos - I have been using my phone as I keep forgetting that my camera batteries need recharging!


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