Fabric Apple - Lightly Stuffed

Recent news tells of a very poor apple crop here in the UK, which has been blamed on the cold and rainy summer and the impact that this has had on bees being able to pollinate the trees. My Dad has an orchard of around 15 trees and at this time of the year he is giving apples away, this year, there are barely any. Ironically, there are plenty of blackberries out there (I will be baking with blackberries in the next couple of weeks).

So, I have been celebrating what should have been the apple harvest in fabric style:
This is a lightly stuffed apple based on a project here. Roughly cut your apple template and sew around the edges wrong sides together, leaving a gap at the top for stuffing. Stuff lightly (too much and it will lose it's shape).

I would love to know what Autumn projects you are all up to.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Yes it has been very disappointing this year with the apples, our trees had none at all. We did have a few plums but nowhere as many as last year.

    No particular autumn projects yet, but busy crafting nevertheless


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