Clutch Bag tutorial

In advance of a wedding I am attending in October, I wanted a clutch bag to fit my navy/red theme. This is a simple bag to make and looks quite chic, but not overly fussy.
Because I wanted the lining to be the same as my outer fabric, I used a whole fat quarter.

What you need:
A fat quarter (or two if you want a different lining) I made mine in quite thin cotton so I can squash it into another bag, but I would advise a medium cotton.

Sew in interfacing

Magnetic clasp


1. Cut and iron your fabric and pin right sides together with the interfacing as the last layer. Sew three sides as shown, leaving a short side unsewn.
2. Cut the top corners off, turn the right way round and press with an iron.

3. Folding it into a clutch bag is a little like folding a letter to fit into one of those  narrow envlopes.You want the unsewn end  (C) to fold up and the flap of the bag (A) to come at around two thirds of the way down.  Press the folds.

4. Attaching the magnetic clasp is a little fiddly. The first piece (on the underside of the A) needs to be inserted through the interfacing and lining so that it is showing on the lining. You need to work out a place where it will comfortably sit on C. If you have trouble picturing it, find a similar bag and look at that.

5. With the washer mark the two slits which need cutting to push the clasp through. Make sure it is exactly half way across the bag. Cut with a seam ripper, insert the clasp and push the prongs flat.

6. With the other half of the clasp, you can put it through all three pieces of fabric of C, ensuring that when you make your folds, the two halves will match up perfectly.

7. Tuck in the unsewn ends on C and neatly top sew. 

8. Press with an iron, then top sew the two sides of  C to B (left and right). Fold A onto the snap and that is your basic clutch.

9. See this tutorial to see how I made the felt rose, which I then sewed to the front of the clutch. You could attach a brooch if you don't fancy the rose.

If you are unsure about anything, please ask.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Oh what a nice idea for preparing such a nice looking clutch, I followed the steps and do it for mine.

  2. It’s super site, I was looking for something like this
    I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this!
    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

  3. I am glad you both found the tutorial useful. Thanks for your comments.


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