Book Review: Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross

I was really looking forward to getting this book from the library - the delight of 40 projects to browse through. And I wasn't disappointed , this book is full of gorgeous photos and projects. These projects are beyond those domestic items that are usually featured - this is definitely not all about aprons and tablecloths, although it does feature both. I have already begun making a pair of the slippers, and I want to get started on a pair of pyjama bottoms for myself. 
Sweet guest slippers.
There are projects in this book which range in scale from using fat quarters, ie, for the gardening gloves, to metres for example in the Shirt Dress. The book comes complete with two large pattern sheets over which you can trace your required pieces using tracing or freezer paper.

I am very impressed by the range of womens' clothes, and all are clothes that I would attempt to make and wear. I am going to start on something easy such as the pyjama bottoms and progress on to the Yard Sale Skirt. There is also quite a good section on children's clothes, for boys and girls. 

Heather Ross is a fabric designer and sewing teach in America, hence all measurements are in imperial which as a modern woman (!) is something I don't understand. However, I am definitely not letting that put me off.

In short, yes. Even though I will have next to no use for the children's clothes section, the rest of the book, particularly the adult clothes would compel me to buy it.

If you have read this book, I would love to know what you thought of it.

Love Mrs Jones x


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