An Interesting way to give money

It's Albert's 15th birthday today, and all he wanted for his birthday was money so that he can buy himself a PS Vita. But how boring is it to receive an envelope stuffed with cash? I have been searching for unusual ways to give money, and so we decided on this idea:

We rolled up each note tightly like a straw and inserted them into balloons which we tied up. The balloons were green so weren't too transparent and it wasn't obvious there was money in them. I put a big safety pin in one of my jewellery gift boxes and tied it with a ribbon. 

This morning, the first thing he does is picks up a balloon and starts batting it around, until he saw that there was something inside. But we made him open the box with the safety pin in last of all and he had to pop all the balloons to get his cash!

More ideas of innovative ways to give money, may be found here.
Love Mrs Jones x


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