Rowing on Wimbleball Lake

We have been so blessed with the sun this week, and after spending all day yesterday in the garden, gardening, playing and barbecuing, we decided that today we should go out. We were all up so late and this pretty much ruled the beach out, because it's early or don't bother at all! 

So, we went off to Wimbleball Lake which is about an hour's drive through some beautiful countryside. Why is it, when it is hot, I am so attracted to water? Once there, we headed straight to the lakeside to hire a rowing boat:

Such fun messing about in boats. I didn't do much rowing, and what I did do was mostly in circles! The lake was so still as you see from my photos. It's such a shame it wasn't suitable for swimming in. 

I must get back to my sewing machine at some point, as I have an order for an iphone case to fulfill, but I just feel too hot at the moment.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather too.

Love Mrs Jones x


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