The Olympic Torch

What a glorious evening for the Olympic torch to visit Taunton! Me and the boys waiting around for 2 1/2 hours for it to finally arrive in the town centre. We stood on the town bridge. There was a lot of sponsor publicity before the actual flame came through.

At one point I heard that Will I Am was running, but we were stood at quite a distance (15 or so metres) from where he finished and the next started. It all happened behind the Olympic bus, so we had no chance of getting a glimpse.

However, this is what we did see:

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Yes, I saw this on the news - it must have been very exciting to be there - despite being stuck behind the bus! It's lovely to see so many people giving their support and showing up. Can't wait until August when the games actually begin - I'll be glued to my tv!
    Paula x


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