Craft Fair and weekend

Friday evening I had a stall at A Taste of Somerset, a craft and food event. It was quite buzzing but I didn't sell as much as I had hoped to. Craft fairs are really hit or miss for me - I tend to have a couple of really good ones where I sell amazingly, and the rest I don't even cover my fee. The good thing about it was that I did get to talk to a few stallholders, specifically, I Love Bags and Somerset Biltong. 

Today, I have been rephotographing some of my jewellery outside in the sun. Unfortunately, my cat, Atticus, is like a magpie and is drawn to all things shiny, and I had a bit of a job keeping him away:

I am really hoping that tomorrow I will be able to blog about seeing the Olympic torch, as it is going through Taunton, tomorrow evening. Here is the link to the official route: Route .

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Gorgeous shots of Atticus. He is just stunning.

    My cat is the same; she goes mad as soon as she hears beads rattling :o)

  2. Thank you. He is like having a third child!


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