I had this sudden impulse to make bread at the weekend, and subsequently found a recipe for schiacciata which I thought would be great for a lunch outside in the sunshine. And it is a really easy bread to make. Oh boy, it smelt good in the oven with the rosemary leaves on it and, how lovely it looked when it came out of the oven:
But sadly, it had no taste at all. Not even the rosemary (which was on just half the bread because my fussy boys don't like herbs!), or the good quality olive oil could be tasted. Absolutely zilch in the taste department. 

So, are any of you regular breadmakers, and if so, do you have any tips on making tasty bread?

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Oh that's a shame :( Did you watch The Great Bristish Bake Off last year? Got me wanting to make all types of fancy bread but I'm yet to get around to it..! I make a plain loaf every day in my bread machine and I made a cheese and onion bread using very strong mature cheddar and dried onion flakes, which was yummy. Sorry no tips, the machine does all the work for me :) Hx

  2. Me too, I love my bread machine, make everything in it, bread, cakes, jam, even made pasta sauce once (just to see if I could). can't advise really. I often use ready mixes for anything fancy, which are generally tasty, otherwise I make plain white and wholemeal.
    crow cottage

  3. Thank you for replying. I am tempted by a breadmaker, but worried that it may be left unused on the worktop for most of the year!


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