Arnos Vale Cemetery

This may seem a macabre family day out, but we went to the famed Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol today. My husband grew up near it and I was keen to have a look around this gothic cemetery. Much of the cemetery is overgrown with some gravestones being barely visible under moss and ivy. Many of the trees date back to the Victorian times when it first opened. 

Here are some of my photos. Out of respect, I only photographed really old gravestones.

An absolutely beautiful place, and well worth a visit. There is also a good cafe on site which offers delicious light lunches and cakes at very reasonable prices.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Arnos Vale is 5 minutes walk from my house! It's an amazing place, and your pictures are lovely :)

  2. Small world! I recommend the butternut squash soup in the cafe, if you are passing. You are so lucky to have it almost on your doorstep.

  3. Beautiful pictures of a atmospheric place!

  4. I love old cemeteries! The colours on the weathered old gravestones are fantastic!


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