A Wet Bank Holiday?

We are now faced with a week of holiday with two boys in the rain. How disappointing British weather is. 

However, we did pop down to Hollywood Bowl for a couple of games of ten pin bowling this morning which was fun, even though I am so totally bad at it (even though I had the barriers up, I still did badly!!) I also think I have abnormal fingers as I can never find a bowling ball that fits comfortably. It seemed like many other families had the same idea as it was really busy and we saw two other families that we knew there.
I confess that this photo was taken over a week ago, but he has craftily wedged himself between the vase and the window!

We then had a very rare KFC lunch - a deluxe family bucket - or whatever they are called, which was delicious (probably because I haven't had a KFC since I was a child). Albert & Fred really enjoyed it, especially the popcorn chicken, and even the cat came down to sniff around the table.

Tomorrow, we are planning a cycle ride hopefully on Woodbury Common near Exmouth. We haven't ridden there before, but it does apparently have off road cycle routes. If it's any good, I'll let you know.

Love Mrs Jones x


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