Fabric covered buttons

This is something I have struggled with, even though I bought a little device from the haberdashery to make things easy, I still found it difficult to cover a button. And then I came across a little bit of advice from Sewing Machine Basics - see my bookshelf left - which was to sew a running stitch around the piece of fabric. Then when you put the button in, you can just pull on the thread and it is gathered up and it definitely makes things easier.

And also, I was putting the back on the wrong way!!! Funny how it is so much easier when it is the right way on!

On another note, what do you think of the new look blog? I was getting tired of old look and I kept seeing fantastic photo blog headers everywhere. So I made this one on Picasa, and got myself a new blog background at the same time. If anyone wants to know how I made the header, leave me a comment and I may do a tutorial on it.

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Well it sounds a lot easier to cover buttons having read this post, but I'm still not drawn to doing it! I have quite a few covered buttons already and a HUGE stash of other buttons, so I'm probably set up on the button front, but thanks for sharing.


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