Barbie Cocktail Dress

I follow a fantastic blog called Craftiness is not Optional and decided to try one of Jess's Barbie dress tutorials. She has gazillions of tutorials, including Barbie clothes, so do hop on over and have a look. This is my attempt using scraps of fabric.

The photo isn't amazing as I took it in a hurry. But it is remarkably easy to make, and there is an optional to add in shoulder straps too. I have made this one for my niece, Martha. What I would really like to do is come up with designs of my own, perhaps in a Mad Men style?

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Thanks for visiting:) Love Barbie's dress. I bought some Barbies/ Bratz from ebay with the intention of making fabulous dresses for them. One more thing I haven't had time to do.

  2. Great dress and thank you for sharing the link I know lots of little girl's who would love more dresses for their Barbies!


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