Sunday in London

Popped up to London on Sunday with my family, mainly because my husband was working up there for a couple of days, so we all took the opportunity to go up for a day. We didn't have a very long day there due to the train times, but our first stop was the Natural History Museum, which was packed (it being a rainy Sunday). Our favourites were the Earth zone - including the Japanese Earthquake. We were somewhat disappointed with the dinosaurs - the queue was immense and it was a bit over hyped. I had seen it before, 11 years ago when the animatronic dinosaurs were new, but it looks a little dated now.

Natural History Museum - Main hall

Natural History Museum Gallery
I was more impressed with the architecture of the building itself, with intricate carvings on the pillars of monkeys or birds.

We walked from the museum up to Harrods and straight into the wonders of Harrods Food Hall. They had all their beautiful Easter goods out on display including a £725 Easter egg! I fell in love with the cookies:
But I resisting buying. Although I did buy some delightful cupcakes from the royal wedding cake maker, Fiona Cairns.
Love Mrs Jones x


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