Spring Posy: acid green & mauve

What a beautiful day today! It seems more like May than March, and today was the first day that we sat outside and had lunch, and with the clocks changing tonight, I hope it will be warm enough to do this more often. I have been gardening again - I bought a couple of different lavenders to finish off the front garden, and some ranunculus and trailing geraniums for a pot in the front.

I have been tidying up some of the plants at the back, where old growth has died back, and I cut some flowers for the house.

The acid green is Euphorbia (take care if cutting this as the sap can irritate the skin), the purple is Erysimum, and I added some foliage from a honeysuckle as well. As you can see, I am no flower arranger, but I think they inject a bit of Spring colour into the house.

Love Mrs Jones x


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