Fabric Labels

I was so excited to receive my fabric labels in the post today from Easy 2 Name. They make my products look so much more professional.

It is very tempting to go through all my stock and label them up, but I know that the best time to sew in the label is part way through making the make up bags, so I am trying to resist.

I have just put in another fabric order, this time with Celtic Fusion Fabrics, who have an impressive range of fabrics, so I can't wait for that to arrive, as I love receiving new fabric.

Yesterday, I delivered a custom Kindle case to a customer at work, and then her daughter asked me to make an iphone case, and her co-worker asked me if I wanted to have a stall at a fair she was running. I have also approached a local shop for potentially stocking my make up bags. So, I am really hoping I will be busy with orders this Spring. 

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. These labels are great. As you say, they look very professional. I think it makes a big difference, as we are so used to seeing labels in things. Also, it will help people remember where they bought it from!


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