James and the Giant Peach

I have had a really busy week, but my husband took the only working laptop cable away with him for three days, so it's now catch up time!

My youngest has a "Dress as your favourite book character" day tomorrow in celebration of the opening of his new school library. So, this evening we set about making the peach (not so giant) and the insects.

I bought a polystyrene ball from a local stationers which we covered in peachy pink paper, then dabbed on some orange paint as Fred thought it looked too pink! The insects were made by me and Fred, from Fimo which is a modelling clay which you bake in the oven. Arachnophobes should probably look away now!

From left: a small brown beetle, a worm (viewing from top), a grasshopper, a ladybird and a centipede.

Eeek! It's Miss Spider!
I then glued some of the insects on the peach and some of them I used some wire and pushed this into the polystyrene. With Miss Spider, I cut and shaped some lengths of plastic coated wire and attached with a sticky glue spot. She is quite delicate, and I'm not sure I can bear her going to school! So, tomorrow, Fred will dress in his ordinary clothes and hold the peach!

Love Mrs Jones x


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