Baker Boy Hat

And now for a complete departure from usual. This evening, I came home from work, cooked dinner and then sat down to make a hat! It isn't for me, although you will see in a completely unflattering photo, that it does fit me. My youngest son has to dress up as an evacuee on Monday and he is going to Weymouth with the school. I did only read the letter this morning.

I started the evening by transforming an old jumper into a tank top, but this is what I am really proud of:

It isn't be any means perfect (I didn't line it for example) but I think it will do. I will take a picture of my son when he is fully dressed on Monday.

By the way, I adapted the pattern from one in Making Magazine, and although I get really cross that the patterns are never the right size (who can zoom a pattern by 200% at home - I did it by eye), the instructions are sufficient for the novice.

Love Mrs Jones x


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