4th December: Buche de Noel

My youngest son is 10 tomorrow and a while ago he asked if I would make a yule log for his birthday, and it is nearly Christmas. So, even though I haven't even made a swiss roll before, this is how it went!

As usual, I used a Nigella recipe, this one was in her Christmas book. Her recipe can be found on various websites, including the Domestic Sensualist who has given photographic step by step instructions. You must have an electric whisk or kitchenaid for this because it would require phenomenal stamina to do all the whisking by hand. 

The resulting sponge looks rather disgustingly bulging in the tin, but by the time you have put the buttercream in and tightly rolled it using the baking parchment, it looks exceedingly tempting.

This is a Christmas masterpiece, although I certainly wouldn't want to be making this on Christmas Day!

Love Mrs Jones x

Ps. Robin is from a set of six at Lakeland


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