3rd December: Homemade Christmas Crackers

I have made Christmas Crackers from a kit before, but this year, I am making them from scratch, in a slightly more colourful The Good Life version (ie. the snap works!).

You will need:
  • The inside of a toilet roll, kitchen roll or wrapping paper tube.
  • Snaps
  • Paper
  • Ribbon (real or gift)
  • Something treat to go inside
  • Glue, sellotape, scissors etc.
How to make your own crackers:

  1. Gather all your equipment as above. Measure the circumference of your tube, and allow for an overlap of about 2cm (1 inch). Cut your paper in to a rectangle: width = circumference plus 2cm, length equals at least twice the length of the toilet roll.

2. Glue the toilet roll to the centre of the paper lengthways. I just glue one strip. Then glue the wrong side of the paper and wrap tightly round, sticking as you go. Alternatively use one long piece of sellotape. If glueing, you will either have to hold it until it is stuck or slide on some elastic bands to hold it in place.

3. Once stuck slide in your snap and gift. You could also put in a hat and a joke if you wish. Then I have used some glittery holly paper to form a band in the centre, again I glued it and held until stuck. Then tie a ribbon some distance from the edge on both ends. The thinner the paper, the easier this will be. My paper is really thick so I had to push and squash it into shape.
4. Stick an embellishment in the centre and just make sure that the end ribbons are secure enough to hold everything in place.
And hey presto, you have your crackers...
Love Mrs Jones x


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