13th December: Planning for Christmas Dinner

I love planning menus, flicking through recipe after recipe to come up with a refreshing starter, a warm and homely dinner and a pudding to remember. I know there isn't much scope when it comes to Christmas Dinner, but I do still like to plan it to death! One year I cooked pork with rosemary for Christmas dinner, and another I followed a Delia recipe with stuffed chicken breasts with mushrooms, bacon and madeira. My friend's family once had a completely honegrown Christmas, even down to the chicken! 

So, this year I have ordered a turkey crown from the farm shop who will cover it in bacon for me, all ready to pop in the oven with no worries about fitting it all in. I have four packs of bacon wrapped chipolatas (pigs in blankets) because last year I cooked them early and my cat ate some. So the four packs should cover all eventualities. I have my vacuum packed chestnuts ready to combine with some sprouts and lardons. 

I have already bought a Heston Christmas pudding with a clementine inside and a chocolate pudding for the boys. 

I will probably do a prawn cocktail or smoked salmon for a starter, or I might not bother, in which case there will be smoked salmon sandwiches for Christmas tea!

Mmmm, I can't wait....10 more days to go!
Love Mrs Jones x


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