11th December: It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas!

I have been really busy trying to tidy and clean my house, one room at a time, as it had been a bit neglected due to working, craft fairs etc. And as I go, I am trying to inject a little bit of Christmas in every room. Here are some of the things I have done.
Feathered robin in my downstairs toilet (Mirror from Melody Maison)

Darling little tealight holder which casts glowing stars on the walls. I will have this on my Christmas table on Christmas Day.

Dining room: A bit of fakery and yet another robin on this candle. The candle has a gold motif of an angel.

Dining Room: Oh I do miss my fireplace, where else to hang the stockings - The subbuteo table covered with a blanket will have to do.

Spare Bedroom: I love this Playmobil nativity set, even though my boys have outgrown it.
I still have a lot of cleaning to do and it took most of the weekend to do my boys' rooms. 

Love Mrs Jones x


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