10th December: The Christmas Tree

Cat disguised as a Christmas tree!

Yum, it's tasty too!

Atticus is very proud of himself.

The tree (note: less decorations on the bottom half due to cat mischief)

Gorgeous handmade stars (not made by me!)

Simple gold sprayed cone - easy decoration to make at home.

I love these glass teardrops. It's great to build up a collection of beautiful decorations over the years as well as the usual baubles.


  1. Lovely photos, especially the third one! What a fabulous name Atticus is - we're hopeless at thinking up original names for our pets!

    It's strange how they love the tree isn't it? Even our eldest cat (now 16) likes to climb the Christmas tree and settle down, usually half way up! This year we have a little kitten so I expect our decorations will start a little higher too.

    Have a lovely Christmas. Elaine


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