Halloween Cupcakes

Spooky cupcakes which are great for Halloween! These are made from a regular cupcake recipe (125g of butter and sugar creamed, add two eggs and beat, then sieve in 100g of self raising flour and 25g of cocoa powder, then fold in, and baked at 180C for 15-20 mins). I have iced them with royal icing with yellow and blue colouring to make the nasty green colour. I have then added a washed plastic halloween toy which I bought in large packs in Wilkinsons for about £1 (see Bat Mobile post for the other things I did with these).

My boys are desperate to have one, so I'll let them be my tasters tonight! What is left will be offered out on Monday night as treats.


  1. These look fab! My son would love them:)

  2. Thank you! Unfortunately I now only have three left for Halloween, so I've had to make some gingerbread too!


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