Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been wanting to make some cookies for a while, but I never have all the right ingredients or not enough time! I made these chocolate chip cookies from a recipe in the Hummingbird bakery book. I'm not going to reproduce the recipe because I'm not sure where I would stand on copyright, but it is available on this blog here as well as numerous other places online. 

The last thing I tried from this book was a total failure, not sure whether it was me or the recipe (probably me)! But these cookies have turned out perfectly - soft and chewy in the middle with a bit more of a bite on the edge. As usual, I didn't have some of the ingredients: vanilla extract which I definitely have somewhere but can't find, and I didn't have anywhere near enough chocolate as the chocolate chips had been raided by my boys! 

I did also think that a few of these in a pretty foodsafe bag would make a great Christmas present, or even filling a jar with the dry ingredients! (Obviously, the cookies in this bag below aren't going to make it until Christmas)!

Love Mrs Jones x


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