Batmobile (Bat Mobile)

Well it's finally October, so I'm starting on my Halloween posts with this Bat Mobile which is so easy to make. You need hardly any equipment and it only takes ten minutes!

Bats - I got loads for £1 in Wilkinsons
Stringing material - I used illusion cord, but you could use cotton thread, fishing line etc
Wire coat hanger - who doesn't have one of these!

I arranged my bats in a rough order, with approx three on each string (you could use more, especially if you have a long window to put them in) then tied them into the illusion cord. Once I had my three strings, I tied each to a wire coat hanger. Then I twisted the hook so that it was at right angles to the main body of the hanger.

And hang it from a curtain pole in a window!

If you don't want to buy plastic bats, you could draw your own in black card and string them by piercing a hole in one of the wings. And it is something a child can do! 

Now what do I do with the rats that came with the bats?!

Love Mrs Jones x


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