Yellow Felt Corsage

I have spent the last hour making this corsage out of felt. It was based on the 3D Flower tutorial written by Sian Hamilton in the September issue of Making Magazine. She attached her flowers to a cushion cover. I used a piece of yellow felt because I hoped it would look a little summery. 

In brief you need to cut a circle of felt, cut into as many equal petals as you want, shape the outside edge, then sew at the base of each petal to look 3D. I used household objects for my circle templates and cut my petals by eye, In fact the smaller flower has five petals and the larger six. I sewed a button into the centre, through both flowers. Finally I attached a brooch back to it.

I think a red poppy would look good too, especially if black seed beads were sewn around the centre. Here are some ideas for this corsage:

Love Mrs Jones x


  1. Lovely. I really like the contrast of the dark button on the yellow felt.


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