Seven things I have done this week...3rd July 2011

This week I have:
  • Completely tidied my messy bedroom (see Before & After)!!
After: Blissfully tidy!
Before: What a filthy mess!
  • had a picnic style lunch with my youngest child, and my Mum;
  • mountain biked the Challenge trail at Haldon Forest Park near Exeter (and only got off to walk twice!)
  • had a relaxed summer barbecue in the garden with friends;
  • taken my jewellery to work and sold seven pieces, and had orders for two more!
  • watched a fantastic Japanese film called Confessions about a very complicated and sophisticated revenge plot;
  • for the first time ever, had over 600 views on a pair of earrings overnight!
Mrs Jones x


    1. What an extremely busy week and I thought I couldn't sit still!


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