Folksy Friday: Tour de France

I am loving the Tour de France highlights on ITV4 (shame that work gets in the way, otherwise I would watch it all day). So in honour of this, my Folksy Friday is bicycle themed. Next week, I will be watching it in Spanish, so there will be no more Folksy Fridays until August!

Tim Irving Little Red Press
Putting on the Charms Julia Smith Ceramics
Projector Teasemade
From top left: Maillot Jaune Art Photograph by Tim Iriving
Bicycle notecards from Little Red Press
Penny Farthing Brooch from Putting on the Charms
Bicycle Milk jug by Julia Smith Ceramics
Bicyclette silk neck tie from Projector
Bicycle earrings from Teasemade


  1. Hi from your lastest follower :)
    Found you through the Folksy Friday thread on the Folksy forum - phew thats a lot of Fs!
    Great selection of items. I love bicycles. Particularly like the jug.


  2. OOOOh love your picks! Bicycles always make a nice motif i think and I particularly love the notecards and the jug!

    Have fun in Spain you lucky devil!


  3. Great theme, I'm also loving the Tour de France - if only work didn't get in the way! Lovely choices - I especially like the Penny Farthing brooch!
    Have fun in Spain!


  4. Wonderful choices for your feature gallery! Especially love the tie, so funky!

    Natalie x

  5. Thanks so much for including my notecards in your Folksy Friday. Two sales - you should be on commission!

    Love the cute little jug!

    Hannah x

  6. @Little Red Press - I am so pleased for you!


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